The Multiple Installation (MI) System
Becoming a Worldwide Standard

The catchphrase “the bigger the better” doesn’t always apply to boilers. Relying on a single large boiler can have a number of problems in terms of efficiency, cost, and the environment. MIURA’s Multiple Installation System connects multiple units of small-sized one-through boilers. This requires less water while eliminating the problems of traditional large-sized boilers.

MIURA Proposes Water Treatment
Optimized for Each Customer

Boilers are involved in various aspects of daily life, providing a continuous steam as a safe and effective heat source, while operating day and night in multiple environments. MIURA proposes the most suitable water management scheme to keep a boiler in good condition for safe use.

Beyond Country Borders, MIURA Boilers Have Become a Trusted Product Worldwide.

We provide well-organized support such as maintenance systems that are on the same level as our Japanese systems. We have complied with all Thai environment and safety codes related to our manufacturing license. MIURA’s technology is also highly involved in our drive for energy savings while also contributing to NOx and CO2 reduction.

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September 22-23, 2015 , The 12th of Forum was held at IMPACT Exhibition Center, Bangkok. According concept of “ONLY ONE KNOW-HOW” technology of Japanese company, Miura is one of 17 companies that was selected to introduce know-how and Mr. Mitsumune President was presentation at this forum . Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Somkit and Industry Minister Ms. Chachaka including 400 attendees was attend this seminar forum. Eliminating the boiler accident in Thailand and it able to reduce the CO2 to 100 million tons. The attendees were interesting in once-through boiler of Miura and ensure that MIURA boiler will became a major step to spread in Thailand in Thailand. For contribute to…

In-house staff training

Miura (Thailand) Co., Ltd. , was conducted in-house staff training for all employees in June 2015 . Our company established more than 55 years in Japan, Thailand corporation is a fledgling company. Even through it early established company but that do a job in front of all eyes being chased by a variety of business was the fullest, employees more than 20 people , Now that we have finally organization also solidified , vector alignment somewhere in the timing , consciousness that felt the need for unification of opportunity is the circumstances that led to the implementation of all employee training. The training was separate in 2 dates. The first…

July 6, 2015, Boiler chemical’s product of MIURA (Industries) Thailand Co., Ltd. was certified by The Public Health and Safety Organization (NSF). Acquisition of this category of certification are the first time of boiler industry in Thailand. Taking this opportunity, we intend to expand the promotional towards Thai firm in food industries. Already it has received orders for multi- functional chemical from a major food manufacturer of foreign-owned, is expected in the future also such needs is high. Acquired for the three boilers chemicals product, corrosion and scale in the boiler with water to prevent the (calcium in the water to be adhering to the boiler inner wall) “multi- function…

Maintenance Service


We are turn-key STEAM SOLUTATIONS.