Water Treatment

Water softener system

< MW Series >

Supply high purity soft water in low running cost
  • Split- Flow Regeneration
  • Twin water softener system suitable for 24-hour operation
  • Alternating regeneration based on flow rate type reproducing ideally that accepted flow quantity with a flow sensor
  • High-performance control is possible by cooperation with “Colormetry”
  • Supports online maintenance

Waer softner

< MS, MS/MS-N, MS-200 Series >

Simple and compact automatic water softner
  • Easy handing with simple structure
  • Standard Water Flow Rate:0.27~28m3/h
  • MS-5-15 have an integrated brine tank
  • All regeneration step is automatic


< CMU 224H >

Automatic monitoring system for water hardness leakage
  • Equipped with a reporting function
  • LCD display of concentration assessment results
  • Reduce the trouble by hands of a check
  • One-touch chemical reagent cartridge replacement
  • Compact design

CO2 neutralizer

< MIN Series >

Management is simple and safe as strong acid is not used
  • Handing uses easy CO2
  • No effort required with automatic control
  • For outdoor use

Chemical feeder

< CPI, CPI-MI, CPI-W Series >

Protects the boiler with exceptional reliability
  • Space-saving wall-hanging type(CPI-S)
  • Can optionally configure an electronic level sensor(MI type)
  • For Multi-control system(CPI-MI, W)
  • Automatic and manual operation possible through a pulse signal(CPI-MI, W)

Boiler compound

< IS Series >

The chemical is the all-in-one type with the function of corrosion and the scale prevention of the boiler only in this. MIURA acquires NSF certification, HARAL certification. Our boiler chemical product is safe and reliable.
  • All ingredients consist of the materials listed on FDA regulations for enhanced sagety in boiler used for food applications.
  • Phosphor free and complies with proper effluent regulations.
  • Contains silica, a corrosion Inhibitor, to optimise water quality for boiler usage.
  • Facilitates thin film formation to prevent corrosion.
  • pH adjuster maintains the boiler water pH within appropriate range to prevent corrosion.
  • The BOD and COD of boiler blowdown realized the low concentration of the industry leader level.
Standard NSF Certification(G6*)America FDA Standard
Main Conposition pH adjustor, Silica type corrosion inhibitor, Chelating agent
Capacity 20kg PE Gallon

*G6:Boiler treatment products -all food processing areas / food contact

Scale dispersant

< IH Series >

The chemical which acquired the NSF certification, HARAL certification like the IH series. It eliminates attached scale safely.
  • Can disperse and remove scale sludge attaching by a chelating agent and special high polymer action
  • Phosphor free and complies with proper effluent regulations
  • All ingredients consist of the materials listed on FDA regulations(NSF) and conform to the Islamic Shariah Laws (HARAL)
Chemical Code S199-011-1108-0
Capacity 20kg
Input 30mg/L (As a disperse) 200mg/L (As a remove)
Legal grounds when I use it for food processing use All ingredients consist of the materials listed on FDA regulations(NSF) and conform to the Islamic Shariah Laws (HARAL)