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Once through boiler

“Once-Through Boiler” introduction at OTAGAI FORUM ASSOCIATION

September 22-23, 2015, The 12th of Forum was held at IMPACT Exhibition Center, Bangkok.
According concept of “ONLY ONE KNOW-HOW” technology of Japanese company, Miura is one of 17 companies that was selected to introduce know-how and Mr. Mitsumune President was presentation at this forum . Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Somkit and Industry Minister Ms. Chachaka including 400 attendees was attend this seminar forum. Eliminating the boiler accident in Thailand and it able to reduce the CO2 to 100 million tons. The attendees were interesting in once-through boiler of Miura and ensure that MIURA boiler will became a major step to spread in Thailand in Thailand.
For contribute to Thailand’s society, Miura aim to spread the safety and energy-saving technology Once-through boiler to Boiler Market.

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