In October 8, 2017, boiler chemical’s product of MIURA Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was certified by Central Islamic Committee of Thailand (CICCOT).

Acquisition of HARAL certification is the first time of boiler industry in Thailand. Our policy is to intend to expand our market to Thai food industries. We have already received orders for multi-functional chemical from a major foreign-owned food manufacturers. We also expect for a high demand in the future.
We got certification for three types of boiler chemical product. The 2 types of multi-functional boiler chemical prevent inside surface of boiler from corrosion and scale (scale buildup on the insider surface of boiler caused by calcium in the water). The other one type of boiler chemical prevents scale dispersion.
The boiler chemicals produced by group of company in the United States, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Canada and Thailand are all certified by NSF.
Moreover boiler chemicals produced in Thailand, Indonesia got HARAL certification.