Award from Thai [ SMART BOILER 4.0 ] Seminar

Attendance : Industry in Thailand
Date : 24-08-2017

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MIURA INDUSTRIES (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. got an award from SMART BOILER 4.0 seminar for the contribution to enlarge the use of once through boiler and online maintenance
Once Through Boiler is an energy saving and operation saved boiler. We provide an online maintenance system for collecting the boiler’s information that will help user to keep boiler save and maintain an efficiency of it.
Miura is the top maker of once through boiler in Japan.
We start to bring and offer this technology to many customers here in Thailand.

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“Once-Through Boiler” introduction at OTAGAI FORUM ASSOCIATION

September 22-23, 2015 , The 12th of Forum was held at IMPACT Exhibition Center, Bangkok.
According concept of “ONLY ONE KNOW-HOW” technology of Japanese company, Miura is one of 17 companies that was selected to introduce know-how and Mr. Mitsumune President was presentation at this forum . Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Somkit and Industry Minister Ms. Chachaka including 400 attendees was attend this seminar forum. Eliminating the boiler accident in Thailand and it able to reduce the CO2 to 100 million tons. The attendees were interesting in once-through boiler of Miura and ensure that MIURA boiler will became a major step to spread in Thailand in Thailand.
For contribute to Thailand’s society, Miura aim to spread the safety and energy-saving technology Once-through boiler to Boiler Market.

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In-house staff training

Miura (Thailand) Co., Ltd. , was conducted in-house staff training for all employees in June 2015 . Our company established more than 55 years in Japan, Thailand corporation is a fledgling company. Even through it early established company but that do a job in front of all eyes being chased by a variety of business was the fullest, employees more than 20 people , Now that we have finally organization also solidified , vector alignment somewhere in the timing , consciousness that felt the need for unification of opportunity is the circumstances that led to the implementation of all employee training.
The training was separate in 2 dates. The first date are training of the management Japanese expatriates, the next day is all employees training of local staff in Thailand . Japanese expatriates is 4 members , including myself , attendee including who have not experience Management level in Japan , the country management basic of how to move the people turn again if the business etc.
As a specific training content, management training of Japanese expatriates have learned the basics of management, such as ” organizational management “, ” leadership “, ” communication ” . The second half of the training I received lecture the management of the way that specializes in Thai with the fact that management surgery towards the outside in Thailand. And that you do not know seems to know about Thailand, it was very hands-on lectures and communication point of the Thai people . In the Thai mini- course, now for very asked to introduce a number of the story of scales from the eyes.
All employees training of local staff we had to learn the contents , such as ” how to proceed with the work ,” ” time management “, ” PDCA “, ” HO- REN- SO “, ” Business Etiquette “, ” workplace of communication” . Here it took so training time is through an interpreter, but I was taught each easy-to-understand the basic content. The way, but we have done a graphic combination game of verbal communication, we were struggling all in this. Thing of difficulty to tell, I think that it was me learning the importance of confirmation.
Beyond the training, there is a practice of greeting the Japanese style as one of the achievements. This is what everyone has been carried out on a voluntary basis , but during training , is what inspired that wore the distinction saying, ” ARI GATOUGOZAIMASHITA” “ONEGAISHIMASU” when to resume the training and when entering the break . But is still halting in Japanese word, it also realize that you are working in Japanese companies.
The original training of local staff, but was done on Saturday is a holiday, because the Japanese expatriates were also allowed to participate in all , it seems even more of a sense of unity was start.

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First NSF’s certificate for boiler chemical product in Thailand

July 6, 2015, Boiler chemical’s product of MIURA (Industries) Thailand Co., Ltd. was certified by The Public Health and Safety Organization (NSF). Acquisition of this category of certification are the first time of boiler industry in Thailand. Taking this opportunity, we intend to expand the promotional towards Thai firm in food industries. Already it has received orders for multi- functional chemical from a major food manufacturer of foreign-owned, is expected in the future also such needs is high.
Acquired for the three boilers chemicals product, corrosion and scale in the boiler with water to prevent the (calcium in the water to be adhering to the boiler inner wall) “multi- function chemicals ” are two types, to prevent the scale ” scale dispersant ” one type.
Miura Group, the United States, China,Taiwan, South Korea and Thai are authenticated the NSF certificate.

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